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See with German eyes.

The Consultancy for Danish Businesses entering the German market

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82 M

consumers live in Germany. A tremendous potential for Danish businesses to expand.


Danish companies are already doing business with German customers and partners.


of our team are native Germans living in Denmark who grew up in the German culture.

Reaching the German head & heart

We take a culture-centric approach in our work to ensure your efforts actually get through to your German audience. For Danish companies, a successful entry into the German market needs the right adaptation approach.


Success in Germany requires German thinking

The German market holds plenty of cultural pitfalls for Scandinavian businesses. Copy-pasting your previous market-entry approaches is likely to fail with German customers. Let us help you in creating the right solutions. native Germans, we know how this audience feels, behaves and responds. Since we are part of them.

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Our Services

Enabling successful expansions to the German market

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Market-Entry Strategy

Insight creation about your German market segment & target group. German market-entry strategy and the correct positioning.

Sales & Business Development 

Optimising your sales process to fit the German market, driving localisation tasks and hands-on business development that lets you go from strategy to traction.

Branding & Communication

We adapt your brand and shape a German voice that resonates with your audience. As well as setting up your digital infrastructure and creating German content.

Partners & Pilot Customers

The right partnerships and pilot projects are key for a successful start in the German market. We establish these for you through our extensive network across industries.

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We have deep insights into both the German & Danish market for full understanding of mentalities, consumer behaviour and other hidden characteristics.


We have gathered a unique team of German native speakers with backgrounds in sales, business development, strategy and marketing to accellerate your German endeavours.


We speak/write/think/feel in German, English and Danish. Creating solutions in your audience's mother tongue.

We are your native German partner in Aarhus

We understand the German market, its culture, and its consumers
– since we grew up in it.

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Client Voice

"We have had the pleasure of working with the talented team at Access Tyskland. Our goal was to target the German broadcasters and media market via LinkedIn and Access Tyskland has been a key player in laying the first bricks for us in Germany. Not only because of their insights on how to approach Germans in general but also because they are able to provide valuable sparring on content and distribution channels. I would definitely recommend working with Access Tyskland anytime if you are looking for a qualified and professional entry to the German market."

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Asger Rasmussen

CEO & Co-Founder of Klipworks

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Our Clients

The Company

Access Tyskland is situated in Aarhus, Denmark. Located on a latitude of 56°N, our company embraces the progressive work culture of the Nordics, mixed with an inherent propensity for German efficiency. Providing digital services for clients in both Germany and Denmark. The foundation of all projects is a carefully crafted market strategy - with your German audience in mind and the core of your brand at heart.


The Mission

The North Star of Access Tyskland is to unlock your brand's potential in Germany through solutions that reach the audience's head and heart. It is about setting the course that makes you stand out from the crowd. Building real value through a culture-centric approach in our work. Quality that breeds quantity. Allowing your business to be seen, heard, felt & loved.

The Founder

This company was founded by Vincent Stöber. As a German living in Denmark, he combines the advantages of both cultures in his work and daily life. His upbringing in Germany and work experience in both German and Danish startups, SMEs, and corporates have equipped him with a genuine sense of the characteristics of these two markets.


The goal in our work is to build stronger bonds between our two home countries through the culture-connecting solutions we create. We are happy to be the compass on your journey to Germany.

Vincent Stöber | Founder

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Get in touch

Reach out for a free first consultation for your German expansion 

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